Draft Schedule

We are now in a position to release an initial draft schedule for ECIR 2023. Please note that we have not yet scheduled individual sessions, so this detailed session schedule will be published in mid-February. 

Friday 31st March 

ECIR 2023 Virtual Day

This day will facilitate all virtual presentations through an online platform. Please note that ECIR 2023 will be a physical event so all online talks will take place on the Virtual Day.

Sunday 2 April 


  • The 6th International Workshop on Narrative Extraction from Texts (Text2Story'23)
  • Geographic information extraction from texts (GeoExT)
  • ECIR 2023 workshop proposal: Legal Information Retrieval
  • Reducing Online Misinformation through Credible Information Retrieval (ROMCIR 2023)
  • Fourth International Workshop on Algorithmic Bias in Search and Recommendation (BIAS)
  • Bibliometric-enhanced Information Retrieval: 13th International BIR Workshop (BIR~2023)
  • 2nd Workshop on Augmented Intelligence in Technology-Assisted Review Systems (ALTARS): Evaluation Metrics and Protocols for eDiscovery and Systematic Review Systems

Main Conference

  • Monday 3rd April - Main Conference Day 1
  • Tuesday 4th April - Main Conference Day 2
  • Wednesday 5th April - Main Conference Day 3

Thursday 6 April

Industry Day


  • QPP++ 2023: Query Performance Prediction and Its Evaluation in New Tasks


  • Crowdsourcing for Information Retrieval (Dmitry Ustalov, Alisa Smirnova, Natalia Fedorova and Nikita Pavlichenko)
  • Deep Learning Methods for Query Auto Completion (Manish Gupta, Meghana Joshi and Puneet Agrawal)
  • Understanding and Mitigating Gender Bias in Information Retrieval Systems (Amin Bigdeli, Negar Arabzadeh, Shirin Seyedsalehi, Morteza Zihayat and Ebrahim Bagheri)
  • Neuro-Symbolic Representations for Information Retrieval (Laura Dietz, Hannah Bast, Shubham Chatterjee, Jeffrey Dalton, Edgar Meij and Arjen de Vries)
  • Legal IR and NLP: the History, Challenges, and State-of-the-Art (Debasis Ganguly, Jack G. Conrad, Kripabandhu Ghosh, Saptarshi Ghosh, Pawan Goyal, Paheli Bhattacharya, Shubham Kumar Nigam and Shounak Paul)
  • Trends and Overview: The Potential of Conversational Agents in Digital Health (Tulika Saha, Abhisek Tiwari and Sriparna Saha)
  • Uncertainty Quantification for Text Classification (Dell Zhang, Murat Sensoy, Masoud Makrehchi and Bilyana Taneva-Popova)

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