The first compete ECIR'23 schedule is now online at the ECIR'23 Online Portal. The schedule contains links to the workshops, tutorials and all sessions at the conference. Please note that the Industry-day sessions will be updated as soon as they become available.

All papers are scheduled in either the main conference for physical presentation, or in the virtual day (31st March 2023) for virtual presentations. If a speaker becomes aware that they can not travel to Dublin to be physically present for their session, please let us know by email to without delay and we can arrange for your presentation on the virtual day. Our cut-off for physical to virtual switch is Thursday 23rd March.

We encourage all authors to take note of their scheduled session and time slot for presentation. In most cases, presenters have a 15 minute slot at the conference (12 talk + 3 questions). Short-paper presenters on Virtual day are asked to prepare an 8 minute live presentation.

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