So what is the ECIR’23 programme this year?

This year’s ECIR program boasts a variety of novel work from contributors from all around the world. Your paper is included in a final program that includes 65 full papers, 41 short papers, 19 demonstration papers, 12 reproducibility papers, 10 doctoral consortium papers, and 13 invited CLEF papers. In addition to the papers, the program also includes 3 keynotes, 7 tutorials, 8 workshops, a doctoral consortium, the presentation of selected papers from the 2022 issues of the Information Retrieval Journal, and an industry day. We are delighted to announce that the keynote talks will be given by Tetsuya Sakai (Waseda University), Mounia Lalmas (Spotify), and this year’s BCS IRSG Karen Spärck Jones Award winner, Yang Wang (UC Santa Barbara). We are already over 300 registrations with most of the registered delegates making the trip to Dublin.

Is ECIR’23 a physical event?

The conference is being organised as a physical event with support for remote participation where required. This means that all talks will be in-person at the conference and speakers who can not travel to Dublin will present their work in an exciting virtual day on 31st March.

Where can I find the agenda?

The conference agenda is available now (http://bit.ly/ecir2023).


How likely is this agenda to change?

The only changes we expect to the agenda will be from physical presenters migrating to Virtual Day, which can happen until the 23rd March.


What if I can no longer come to Dublin, but I need to give a talk?

If you (or a co-author) had planned to visit Dublin but can no longer physically attend in April, please let us know by emailing admin@ecir2023.org as soon as you can. If your paper has no presenter physically present, we can allocate a speaker slot in the virtual day (Friday 31 March). Please note that we need to finalise and freeze the virtual day schedule no later than 23rd March, so if you can not physically present, we need to know before this date so that you can be included in the virtual schedule. We will be updating the conference schedule periodically as more virtual presentations are confirmed.

I will be there, what will my full-paper speaker slot be like?

Full paper speakers in the main conference who will physically attend the conference will be allocated a 15 minute oral speaking slot, with 12 minutes for talking and 3 minutes for questions. We ask oral speakers to report to their session chair 20 minutes before their session starts. We will provide a macbook for oral presenters who do not wish to use their own laptop. This macbook will be configured with keynote, powerpoint and a PDF viewer. Please note that we will ask each session chair to maintain the timeslots for each speaker, so if you are going overtime, you will be asked to stop. Please take care of your time allowance.

I am presenting a poster or a demo. What is the story?

Short paper authors will present a poster on a board that supports A0 portrait or A1 landscape posters. Please bring your own poster. Demo paper speakers will have a similar sized posterboard and a small table in front of the board for your actual demonstration. Please ensure that your demonstration is ready on a stand-alone laptop / computer and that it can operate using a standard wifi connection. Remember also that we have two poster and demo sessions, on 3rd and 4th of April. On each day, the poster and demo rooms will be available all day for hanging posters from 9am. Please check to see which session your poster or demo is in and only mount your poster on the day of your particular session.

I will be speaking at the Virtual Day, so what will this be like?

For speakers at the virtual day, our partner conference organising company will contact you in the coming week to provide details of the virtual presentations. They will also seek to organise a technology check about one week before the event. The presentations on virtual day are all live presentations, so we ask you to please make yourself available for this technology check as it avoids problems and delays on the day.

Is there online access?

Please note that the three conference main days (Monday-Wednesday) will be streamed live online to delegates who have registered, so questions may come from the room or from the online attendees. Online questions will be relayed by either the session chair or the online technician in each room.

I am speaking at a workshop or giving a tutorial, what will this be like?

For speakers at the workshops, each workshop organiser will organise their own sessions and share online where appropriate. We will add the URL of this shared stream to the conference agenda. We will provide a windows laptop in every workshop room which can be used by speakers if needed. It will run powerpoint and PDF viewers. We ask workshop speakers to keep an eye for communications from their workshop organizers. Tutorials will also be streamed online where possible.

Is there a delegate pack?

In terms of delegate pack, we have decided to keep this to a minimum, so as to reduce unnecessary waste and environmental impact. We will provide name badges, lanyards and tickets for social events as required. We will have some copies of the proceedings in printed form for delegates who wish to take them. There will be a maximum of 30 of these on site. The pdf copies of all papers will be available on the conference portal as soon as they are released by Springer LNCS. Please note that we have made a decision not to provide a usb version of the proceedings, so we encourage you to use the portal to download papers that you are interested in. If you do wish to download all proceedings in one go, we will provide a link to do so during the conference.

Where is the main conference Venue?

Radisson Blu Hotel (Main Conference Venue)

Golden Lane

Dublin 2 , D08 VRR7


D08 VRR7 is an eircode, which is the Irish postal code. Put it into Google maps.


What about the banquet and welcome reception?

Teeling Whiskey Distillery (Welcome Reception)

13-17 Newmarket

The Liberties

Dublin 8 , D08 KD91



Westin Hotel (Banquet and Doctoral Consortium)

College Green

Westmoreland St

Dublin 2 , D02 HR67



How can I get between the venues?

Addresses and GPS locations of all three venues are available in the portal. We have selected venues that are within 10 minute walking distances of each other, so it will be very easy for delegates to get from one location to another. We will not be providing transport.

I am registered only for the workshops and tutorials, can I still attend the welcome reception and banquet?

Registered attendees at the workshops and tutorials (only) can attend the welcome reception on 2nd April. They cannot, however, attend the banquet on the 4th April.


When will the registration desk be open?

We will open a registration desk on 8am on Sunday 2nd March and Monday 3rd March. On all other days, the registration desk will open at 8:30am.


Will there be support staff?

At all times in the conference, there will be support staff available in the conference rooms and at the registration desk. They will have ECIR'23 caps on, so they will be identifiable.

I have registered, can I cancel my registration at this stage?

We can facilitate registration cancellations, but we can not guarantee a refund since all bookings have already been made with the venues. We can only consider refunds after the conference has ended and the bills have all been paid

I have applied for student support, but I did not get an answer yet?

We have all applications for student support under review. We have already made 2 rounds of student funding and hope to make another round. Our funding decision process is based on a set of criteria that are applied equally across all requests.

What plugs are used in Ireland?

For Ireland the associated plug type is G (UK type), which is the plug that has three rectangular pins in a triangular pattern. Ireland operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz. 

What will the weather be like?

The temperatures in Dublin in April can be cold with temperatures between 6°C and 10°C. However, it is also possible to enjoy weather up to 15/18°C. You can expect 1 day in every 4 to be raining, so . It’s a good idea to bring along your umbrella so that you don’t get caught in poor weather.


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