Information for Presenters

Paper presenters:

  • The default presentation mode is physical presentation. Any virtual presentations will be facilitated on ECIR'23 Virtual Day (31st March 2023). 
  • The presentation length is 15 mins (12 talk + 3 questions). 
  • Virtual presentations will be live presentations and all presenters will be contacted in advance to test their system configurations. Details will follow soon. 
  • Each physical session in the main conference will take place in one-of two rooms in the conference venue (Goldsmith Hall 1&2, or Goldsmith Hall 3.
  • Speakers may use the provided Apple Mac laptop, or they may use their own.
  • Speakers are asked to report to their session 20 minutes before it starts and to let their session chair know that they are there. 
  • We will release information for Virtual presenters soon.

Poster & Demo Presenters:

  • We have arranged pasteboards that can facilitate A0 portrait posters (or A1 landscape). We will provide pins for hanging your poster on the board. 
  • Each poster/demo is assigned to a specific poster/demo session, so we ask authors to check what poster session their poster has been allocated to.
  • Posters will be displayed the whole day, therefore we ask presenters to put them up before the first coffee break. 
  • As with posters there are two demo sessions. We ask for demos to be also accompanied by a poster of a similar size.

Virtual-Day Presenters:

  • All virtual-day presentations will be live on our zoom session.
  • The presentation length is 10 mins (8 talk + 2 questions). The session chairs and coordination directors of the zoom session will strictly impose the maximum time limit of 10 minutes per talk and presenters who go over time may have their screenshare cut after 10 minutes. 
  • Virtual-day speakers are asked to log-onto their session 30 minutes before it starts and to let their session chair know that they are there. 
  • Access for speakers to the zoom session will require them to log-in using the email address that the organisation company contacts you on.
  • The organisation company will run a number of test sessions during the week of 27th March. Please note the email that you receive and follow the instructions therein.

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